Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Eggs and Toddler Talk

I just finished putting B to sleep as I write this. She is so precious. She spent a good half hour stalling from going to bed by talking to me. She regaled me with quite the adventure of her stuffed bunny, and then topped it off with the cutest medley you've ever heard of "Itsy-Bitsy-Spider/Where is Thumbkin?/Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee." Each night she tries to talk to me for as long as she can. We usually talk a bit about the day and pray, but tonight I thought I'd indulge her a bit, because...well, she is super sweet, and I just love her and love the fact she loves to talk. Upon assuring her that we can talk again tomorrow, she finally laid down and drifted off to sleep.

Earlier today had been no exception regarding her and her brother's cuteness! We had the best time with them hunting for Easter Eggs with their friends. I wasn't sure if they would "get it" - that was a silly thought! They both marched around grabbing eggs and tossing them into their baskets. Then, with great anticipation they ripped them open at home to see the special treats which they got (in the words of B) "To celebrate Jesus! Jesus is Alive!" I had the best time watching them and their little friends have such a blast.

Another funny side note is the fact that B is rather enthralled with babies and babies being in tummies. A few of our friends are pregnant, and she has subsequently asked J and I if we have babies in our tummies. (That was not the cute part!) One of her favorite parts of the Easter Egg afternoon was a friend's sweet little 5-month-old boy. She sat and oogled over him tickling him and remarking about how much she loved him and how he loved her. You can see it pictured. In fact, she even said wistfully, "I wish I had a baby sister in my tummy..." Oh Boy! Surprisingly, having two 2-year-olds hasn't completely turned me off of the idea of having another baby someday. However, I just can't seem to imagine loving another little girl or boy as much as I love these two.

One final note...sorry, apparently, I blog post like I talk: a lot and in a random train-of-thought manner. This morning J and I were talking about how a friend had asked if she could share our story and give my contact info to a group of women adopting from Ethiopia. As we were talking about it, I turned to T. Here's how our conversation went:
Me: Do you remember Ethiopia, T?
T: Yeah!
Me: What was it like?
T: (Long Pause) Jesus!
Me: It was like Jesus?
T: Yeah!
Me: Did he take care of you?
T: Yeah. (then he nuzzled into my neck)
It's nice to know he was in very Good Hands before he was in ours. :)

We hope you all have a Happy Easter!


  1. Cutest conversation with T ever! We teach ours to say 'Jesus' for every answer too! Just kidding!