Saturday, May 2, 2009

Birthday Blessings

I had such a nice birthday last week with sweet and generous gifts from family and thoughtful birthday wishes from friends. On my actual birthday, I spent the day with the kids as usual. They just started playing pretend situations (I am so happy, I love doing this with them! They like playing store and Zoo - we set up their stuffed animals around the house and take their baby dolls around to see them.) So that day, we spent some time playing "Kelly's Hardware Store" from Handy Manny, the disney show. T organized tools, I bought them, and B scanned them and put them in bags.

Then J came home from work a bit early (an excellent gift), and we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. The chicken and veggies were delicious, but the real reason we went there was for the "Chocolate Thunder from Down Under." This is an amazing (and coincidentally gluten-free) brownie topped with Blue Bell Ice Cream (my fav from childhood trips to my grandparents' in TX), hot fudge, whipped cream, and chocolate shavings. THE BEST! J told the waiter it was my birthday so he brought out a complimentary hot fudge sundae. This was really nice - but I came here for the brownie sundae. So, we shamelessly still ordered the giant dessert. But don't worry the kids ate a lot, too (right, kids?!) In fact B kept saying, "Happy Birthday, Mom! This is a great place for a happy birthday!" as she downed her ice cream. She has a big sweet tooth...weird!?

While B enjoyed her ice cream, T focused on making the disaster of the century on the floor. I mean he can make some pretty big messes, but this one was all world. You can see it pictured below. We tried to clean up a bit of it, but then gave up and gave a nice tip.

The evening was so sweet, and it made me think of last year's birthday when we also went to Outback (can you tell I like the Sundae?) but that time we were in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for an orphans and vulnerable children conference. Then, I had two babies still sitting in high chairs next to me (one who I had only known two months!). It is hard to believe that was a year ago! I am happy to say it was a good year where we all learned and grew a lot individually and together. I am also happy to say we are past some challenges and on to some other ones. The kids sleep better, but they are even more active. They play independently, but test us more. Nevertheless, this trip home from Outback was only a 5 minute drive home with two 2-year olds rather than a 5 hour flight home with two 1-year olds. Much better!

The next night I even got to enjoy some spectacular fondue with a few friends (kid-free! Can you imagine what T would do with steaming cheese?) So all in all, turning 27 was very nice! I do need to get hair dye for the grays I have found...ugh....


  1. Sweet Erin-it sounds like your birthday was a special as soon! Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful 27th year!!!

  2. Happy belated birthday Erin! We will have to go to Outback for THAT dessert to celebrate when you move back to AZ! Miss you!

  3. Glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday! Wow, when I was 27 I was out galavanting with friends and partying. Sometimes I forget how young you are. You are so mature for your age and that's good.