Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Say Cheese Factory!

The title is cheesy I know (no pun intended - no seriously). But, I actually uttered those words less than a month ago outside of the Tillamook Cheese Factory in Oregon. I have been meaning to post about this for far too long, but I just couldn't forget about this one. I may never have another opportunity to blog about a cheese factory again.

       One morning while we were at camp I took the tots with me and the three of us went on a fantastic adventure. I love a good adventure. Especially a super random one so this one really fit the bill. We drove 45 minutes along the OR coast enjoying the drizzle and the farms and cows everywhere until we finally arrived at the factory herself. We went in and the kids were immediately taken by this video explaining all about the factory. Sounds boring, right!? I would have thought so if it weren't for the way my little B was absolutely enamored with the dancing man dressed like a block of cheese. She still can't help but giggle if a cheese costume is brought up. 

Once I peeled her away from the TV and T away from the benches he was leaping off of, we managed to head upstairs to the observation deck where you can actually see the cheese being made and manufactured. This was very very cool! It was so fun for us to see how they actually do this process which we are so far removed from. There was also a pretty sweet fake cow that was entertaining, too. 
        The main thing that struck me about the manufacturing was the fact that these people who work there in this particular plant, constantly have people watching them. They mostly didn't pay attention, but would sometimes sheepishly look up. Overall, it must just feel pretty awkward to have random people just staring at you push cheese around all day everyday (except Christmas and Easter, I believe). I mean you might feel kind of celebrity-like for a bit, but I bet the novelty would wear off quite fast. Then, I thought about what that would be like in my own life. Yikes! I have some moments I would be proud to display, and a whole lot more professional parenting moments that would be rather embarrassing to have witnessed. And, I think I would always feel on edge which would make me not feel like I could be me or make mistakes (both of which I do rather well). Therefore, this seals the deal that I will not be applying for my own painfully boring reality show anytime soon.

          Next up was the best part - free samples! We sampled lots of different cheeses and then got some of the freshly made (on-site) ice cream. It was a big hit! Since daddy didn't join us, I brought him back the most ridiculously good fudge you have ever tasted. And, Tillamook brand now has 4 new fans :)


  1. Thanks for sharing in another of your great adventures! I hope you are getting settled and the kids are being on their best behavior! Holler if you need anything! I love having J back in the office - he truly lights the place up!!! Take care of you! Hugs! :)

  2. I'm speechless. This entire post seems like an SNL skit of some sort...