Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She's THREE!?!

Seriously, I feel like I was just writing a blog post about her turning 2. Unbelievably our little princess turned 3 last week. With a sparkling personality and just the right amount of sweetness and sass, she is truly a preschooler and no longer a toddler. She is the light of our lives for sure, and she definitely still keeps us on our toes. In fact, she woke up the morning of her birthday around 5:20 am (which is her usual wake-up time) and that so happened to be almost exactly three years to the minute of when I was admitted to the hospital with only a tiny understanding of how our world was about to change and become that much more bright and beautiful because she was part of it. How greatly God has blessed us with this little girl!

Here are a few recent pictures of her (as you can tell she is well-practiced at smiling for the camera!):

With the chocolate candy that she used a chair to climb up and get out of the pantry before hiding in mommy and daddy's room and devouring it

With her birthday flowers from Daddy

On a "naturewalk" in the backyard

The Hello Kitty cake I made for her

Our family on her birthday

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  1. Erin, I love the cake you made Bethany!! Omg soooo cute!! We had to cancel Julia's party, because of the crummy weather out here. But we are definitly still celebrating it in the weeks to come.