Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter from East Africa!

Happy Easter from Africa! We have had a good few days. We feel more settled altogether, although B has been talking about missing “Arizona and my room and my grandparents!” There have been a few events that have helped us to feel more comfortable. For one, the kids and I ventured to the Yaya Centre (a shopping centre with a market, produce store, etc.) to get some groceries. We did this all on our own. It is about a half mile away, and eventually I will try to get a picture of the roads on the way there so you can better understand why it took us time to get up a little courage. J Not to mention, the double stroller is a necessity to walk there, but a beast in the store.

Secondly, on Friday night we went to dinner with J’s boss, Dr. Florence, and her son and husband. Her husband works at a ministry in Rwanda and travels back and forth so this was our first time meeting. We really liked him and the kids adored her young teenage son. It was great being able to talk with them about Africa and ministry. Their beliefs about holistic ministry, (and thus, being more than just spiritual but also needing to empower others to care for their physical and emotional needs, is always inspiring. It was just so nice to have a casual dinner and conversation with people we admire.

We also went on our first family adventure to the Safari Walk, a walk through an amazingly lush area with many different animals in fairly natural environments. Our favorites were the pygmy hippos, the lions, and the cheetah. We were all pretty amazed.

We have also had a couple of apartment complications. The water pump to our apartment broke so we had no water for about a day (it really wasn’t too bad.) We also had a power surge after another one of the rolling black-outs (these happen at least once a day it seems), which caused our microwave to explode. That was sweet. We reheated everything in a skillet for a few days until we were able to take a taxi to get a new one. These things surprisingly weren’t too big of a deal, especially after I read the following quote by Lilias Trotter who served as a missionary to Algeria for 40 years, “How many of us have said, and sung with our hearts, ‘Anywhere with Jesus,’ but at the same time we did not realize all that it meant for us. Indeed at home and surrounded by all that home means, we could not know…let us take very good care not to make a misery out of anything that ‘anywhere’ brings us….Yet if Jesus is there, what have we possibly to complain of?” (Piper p. 66). This caused me to think twice about the way I have reacted to people’s reactions to myself also. J doesn’t even notice the way people look at us, but since places are really just the people to me I had been very sensitive. I need to be careful not to expect too much or to make a misery of anything. What a great adventure we are on!

All that to say, I have been thinking about some things I am thankful for this Easter: grace from Christ, my great husband and precious children, our wonderful family and friends at home to miss, the opportunity to go on an adventure, perspective, a safe place to live, beautiful weather, Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bars J, our portable DVD player, and the building next door who lets us use their internet…just to name a few.

And while we are on lists, here is a list of the things T has broken over the past few days: a glass, a helicopter toy, computer cord, dust pan, soap holder, and laundry hamper. And here is a list of the things he has dropped from our second story window: 4 cars, a chip, part of a mop stick, a piece of candle, and a spoon. All in a day’s work for him.

And one last thing…here is a picture of B hanging out with some of the Ethiopian and Kenyan boys that live in the complex. They are constantly at our house or having us over to theirs to play. Does it frighten anyone else how comfortable Miss B appears to be with older boys!? J We won’t be letting her out of our sight…ever!

Happy Easter! He is risen, indeed!


  1. Happy Easter!!! Love reading your blog and so happy to see all the fun experiences you are having in Africa! Can't wait to see you and hear all about your trip!

  2. HA!! Tell those boys- Hands off!!! One day Andrew will stop harrassing Bethany, admit he has a crush on her and the world's greatest romance will ensue! And good news for Annabelle- Trevor seems to be growing even more!!! We miss you and love you!

  3. Wow Erin....sounds like you are having a fabulous time! What a great experience!