Thursday, August 12, 2010

Eight Years!

J and I just celebrated our 8th anniversary last weekend with our very first night away from the kids! It was just wonderful and well worth the wait! I didn't worry at all, as I knew they were having a blast with their Nana and Papa. I would imagine it is much easier not to worry when you don't leave them until they are practically school age! Anyhow, we began enjoying our time away with lunch out followed by a movie. We saw Inception, and it was a good pick - a nice compromise between my affinity for redemptive or romantic comedy movies and J's love of action espionage movies. It was definitely the first movie we had seen in the theater together for about 2 years I think. We didn't even remember to put the arm rest up until halfway through since we were so out of practice!

After that we got gelato and headed to our hotel in Scottsdale. Yay for J's delta miles! We went for an evening swim and lounged around and talked. Then we got late-night Chipotle. We were able to be spontaneous and just have fun talking and laughing together. We brought Chipotle back and watched an old Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (super romantic, huh?) Then we enjoyed the comfy bed for a compete night's sleep! We even slept in until around 8:30!
We got some Starbuck's and leisurely made our way home to rescue the grandparents the next day. When we got there the kids weren't too excited to see us. It had been a lot of swimming, movies, and pure "grandparenty goodness" and I think they were sad to see it come to an end, too. T even punished me for a bit by shunning hugs, no "hi's," no anything. He got over it eventually. Then we got to experience our first post-sleepover attitude from our little princess the rest of the day. I completely remember when my parents would be so irritated that I was so grumpy the day after sleepovers (due to exhaustion) and I got to experience it firsthand. Thanks for wishing that on me, mom and dad. Sorry for all of those times... It's not pretty. Luckily, we were well-rested and happy to spend time with our precious kids, grumpy or not. :)
Overall, we had such a wonderful anniversary. I am so thankful for J and so very blessed to be on this adventure with him! And now we are plotting for our next night away....


  1. Big smiles from reading about your anniversary adventure! So happy you could get away and enjoy some quiet time, just the two of you!!! Here's to another 8 plus 8 plus 8 plus 8 plus 8 plus 8...and more!!! Love you!