Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Year with Us!

It has been one year since this amazing little man joined our family. We cannot imagine life without his laugh, fun-loving spirit, and snuggles! When he came as a 9 month old, he was very sick with a parasite, skin infection, and a nasty little cough. He couldn't bear weight on his legs, eat solid food, or hold his head up. He would smile some and would wave in front of his face to give himself something to look at. A year later he is the most active and happy "almost two year old" boy. Let us tell you a little about him now...

T loves life and happily gallops wherever he goes! He adores laughing and making others laugh, too. He loves his sister so much that he asks for her and cries for her if she is not around. They are surely best friends. This also means he wants everything she has - not just something identical to what she has - that exact object! He most certainly let's you know, if he hasn't already taken it.

He is talking all of the time (and saying some pretty cute things, mind you!) All of a sudden his vocabulary quadrupled and surprised us, like when he turned around when we left the park the other day and said, "Bye-bye, Playground! See you later!" First thing when he woke up the other morning, he grabbed J's glasses off of the nightstand and stuck them on his face before saying, "Let's Go!" He still prefers to sleep on one of our chests though he will occasionally sleep through the night rather than joining us in bed.

He is adventurous and loves to play on jungle gyms (especially giant ones designed for older kids - much to his mother's terror!) He also likes playing and chasing with friends. He tried to dive into the touch tank at the aquarium, but then when a fish got too close to where he was sticking his hand, he ran for a hug from mom and said, "I scared fishy!"

He loves his family and talks about his parents, sister, grandparents, aunt, and uncles all of the time. He still loves to sing to himself and just discovered how fun walking backwards is. He is very caring and always tries to make sissy feel better by patting her back or giving her a cup of milk if she is sad. He also likes to pray and yell "Amen!" He is most thankful for "Baths!" when we are praying. We are most thankful that Jesus blessed us with such a precious little boy (to join his precious big sister) just one year ago.


  1. Oh my goodness,

    You write so well, E. You are such a great person too. It is awesome to hear you were raised well, and you J as well. My hubbie and I were not in homes we necessarily want to emulate, so it is good to hear, if you set your eye on the prize and run the race well, your children benefit and are head and shoulders above the masses in their abilities to cope with this crazy world and be amazing influences for Christ. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Love you, Mary Robin

  2. Sweet E - your posts continue to bring such joy to my soul as I read your continuing adventure!!! You are a special young lady! Love, love, love you post about TSizzle! Hugs and love to you and yours! K:-)