Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Little Princess Turns Two!

It is quite hard for me to believe that this week she turns two. However, then I look at her and realize what a beautiful and caring little girl she has become, and I see how she is no longer a baby. She is such an absolute sweetheart. We are so very in love with this little girl, and we seem to fall more and more in love with her at every next stage. She says the most kind and thoughtful (and not to mention, hilarious) things, as she is incredibly observant and picks up on everything. Here are a few other words we use to describe her:

Fun-Loving - After we finish almost any activity she will tell me, "That was way fun, Mom!"

Caring - She is always trying to make others feel happy with pats on the back, sharing her toys, or with kind words. She adores her brother and her friends.

Bright - She makes great connections for everything and always says "Oh! That's just like when..." and she doesn't forget a thing.

Encouraging - When I get off the phone she tells me "Good talking, mom!" or she thanks daddy for cleaning up. When T was sick she said, "It's okay T. Sissy's here, T." and she gave him repeated hugs. She also makes sure to tell him, "It's okay, Sissy's back, T!" whenever she returns.

Shy - Around strangers or when she gets embarrassed she will tell us, "I'm too shy!" or she will draw attention to or talk about T to take off some of the pressure.

Talkative - She talks constantly and says the cutest things. It’s our favorite! And if she isn't talking to us, she is talking to Minnie on her Minnie Mouse cell phone.

Snuggly - She still loves for mommy and daddy to hug her. Yay for that!

Other notables for this month:

She loves "monsters" (hamsters), loves hot chocolate and candy hearts, loves books and reads stories to herself (and us) that she has memorized, taps her finger on her chin when she is thinking, and says "hmmm...what else should I say?" She loves all things girly and requested two things for her birthday: Tinkerbell Shoes and a Minnie Mouse cake (watch for pictures of my attempt in the next few days! Should be humorous!)

What joy she has brought us! We are so thankful for God’s blessing of her! Happy Birthday, Sweet girl!


  1. Happy Birthday B! We miss you so much and wish we could play with you every day. You are such a doll - and SO smart - must run in the Narducci genes! :) Thanks for sharing the cute things she does; it makes it seem like she's right around the corner.

  2. Happy Birthday Bethany! I can't believe that you are already 2 years old. Time sure flies! She is beautiful Erin, just like her mommy. Talk to you soon.

    Jenn (Mrs. Military)

  3. This almost made me cry. Are you sure she is two and not going on twenty? My little J is so unaware that her birthday is comming. Yes, indeed Miss B is a wonderful and smart little girl. Happy Birthday Miss B!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Sweet B! You are such a joy to all those around you! Enjoy your special day! Please pass hugs to your Mom and Dad and TSizzle!! Love ya! :-)