Thursday, March 19, 2009

Pony Rides!

In honor of our love of fun new adventures, I took my mom (who is in town this week) and the toddlers to Griffith Park for Pony and Train rides. What a blast! The kids loved the idea of petting, riding on, and seeing ponies up close. B had the time of her life. T would have been happier if he could have just done the petting and seeing portion. He promptly teared up and said all done! He preferred to be held by mom, and watch sister go around. He did thoroughly enjoy when one of the horses spit at him, and subsequently, had even more reason to spit the remainder of the afternoon. He did love the train ride though, yelling, "Choo-choo!"

B LOVED riding the horse and looked like a little natural. She wasn't nervous at all and would have nothing to do with us having our hand on her back as she went around. She pet the mane, named the horse, Sugar, and grinned the whole time. She enjoyed the train ride, too, and thought the lemonade and cotton candy that grandma treated her to were perfect, as well. After running around the area, checking the horses out a couple more times, and running through many planters, the kids were pretty tired and so were we. In the car, grandma asked B to draw her a picture before she leaves, and B declined, saying, "You're not leaving. Your just staying right here." So, based on that comment and T's constant sporadic hugging of her, I guess the kids are loving time with grandma as much as I am!

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