Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Twenty-Five Dollars

I have been looking for some parks and rec classes to do with the kids. I have checked all of the surrounding areas hoping to pay about $25 for an eight week art, gym, or music class. Much to my surprise many of the classes cost around $95 per kid! Seriously?! I just wanted to give my kids some more time in a structured environment with some fun new experiences not have them earn a credit for college. Geez. So, I am still looking and waiting for a few more catalogs to come out. My kids love fun new adventures and they are so happy when we are out and about. Hopefully, we can find something that will work.

Then, later, I was reading the new LIA newsletter, which chronicles the story of a 5 year old Ethiopian girl who fainted at kindergarten because her family has to alternate which half of the family eats each day, and the day before wasn't her turn. LIA has some pretty amazing programs going on to empower local churches to support these families and get them to a point of being able to take care of their children and bring other children who are without families in to join theirs. If I wasn't able to care for my children and someone helped me to be able to do that, they would be my hero. The best part is that you can provide this for only $25/month.

For a Vulnerable Child, $25/month will:
Provide Healthcare for a child and her family
Give monthly food stipends for a family in need
Pay for a child's school fees
Provide micro-enterprise training and loans for parents of a vulnerable child
Provide life skills training
Be an answer to a family's prayer

For a Street Child, $25/month will:
Provide a month's worth of basic food
Pay for school fees and tutoring
Housing in a peer group home
Basic household necessities like kitchen supplies, lighting, beds
A social worker for counseling and substance rehab
Vocational training and a micro-loan to start a sustainable business
Discipleship training in partnership with a local church
Be an advocate for a child who has no one else
Offer a future to a child who would otherwise be without

I can't even pay for 2 - 45 minute sections of a gym class in a random room in a community center, but I can do all of this? It all just makes me think... Obviously, there is nothing wrong with parks and rec classes, they are a really good thing for sure. This has just made me think about how there are lots of other really good things I can do as well, and maybe I should spend a little more time looking into those, too. My kids would probably enjoy being a part of this process, as well.

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  1. I know how you feel. That is how I feel about preschool. The fees are ridiculous. I have been wanting to donate to a childrens charity for a long time. I have so much to be thankful for, especially after going through hard times ourselves. I would like to help a family. Thanks for sharing these programs that we can donate to.