Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mommies say the darndest things...

So, everyone always laughs about the funny things that kids say.  I couldn't agree more that the things they come up with are absolutely adorable and often times great for a laugh. Then, I realized that raising two 2-year-olds has caused me to say some pretty funny things myself in response to them. I have recorded just a few of these from the last week (and keep in mind they were all said very matter-of-factly, like they are quite common things to converse on):

"No T, we can't put water in a paper bag."

"Your cupcake has wallpaper on it?"

"Don't get in the oven please. That's not safe..."

"No really, tell mommy the truth of whether you ate a safety pin..."

"We only wrestle on the carpet."

"That was yucky when you just drank vegetable oil, wasn't it?"

Just watch - if you have little ones around, I bet you'll catch yourself saying some pretty humorous things yourself :)

Here they are with two of their dearest friends in their custom superhero capes that my amazing friend Anna sewed for them!


  1. I seriously laughed out loud reading the things you said...not only are they hilarious, but I can completely relate! For example, just this morning I said:

    "When I say 'ouch' that means it hurts me and you need to stop"

    "No you can't have a popsicle for breakfast..it's not a breakfast food" Says who?!?

    "It's ok if your brother eats the dinosaur, I'll wipe it off"

    "Ok, I'll be a stegosaurus and you can be a T-Rex"


  2. so true, so true. Last week I told Owen

    "no Owen, we don't dip our crackers in the toilet, that's yucky"

  3. Hilarious! Keep the mama quotes coming!

  4. I am so looking forward to hanging out with you girls and your adorable kids!
    BTW - this morning I said, "I don't think parmesan cheese would be very good on pancakes... :)
    Love you all!