Friday, July 31, 2009

Smile, You're on Someone Else's Camera!

          I think my kids are adorable and worth taking an infinite number of pictures of. I just can't quite get enough, as every other mother feels I am sure. The strange thing is when other people want to take pictures of your kids. This happens to us all of the time. Occasionally people ask if it is okay, but mostly they just start snapping shots of them. I understand that they are cute and conspicuous with the contrast of their looks. I also know that it is pretty adorable how they seem to play and love each other so much (nobody has taken a picture when they were fighting over something I will note!)  But still, isn't it kind of weird to take pictures of other people's kids? Shouldn't you ask? 
     For example J and I are playing with the kids at the park and these women pull out cameras and start taking pictures from a distance until J shoos them away. He thinks they thought we were celebrities - if that is the case then Brad and Angelina have really gone downhill, and Zahara looks like a little boy :) 
    The ultimate was at Universal Citywalk, my kids were running around with two of their friends, who are also adorable, and two tourist women started taking their pictures. The outrageous part came when one of the women actually pulled out a little camcorder! Seriously?! Did she not realize how creepy that was?  We sure did!


  1. Now that is strange! It must be a california/tourist thing or your kids really are the cutest because that has never happened to us!

  2. Ok, this is just creepy. I do have to admit that your kids are super cute though and very photogenic. My kids are hard to capture in a photo together because they do not stay still long enough to photograph. Loving the picture of B and T though.... adorable!