Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Seven Years!

2 kids
4 degrees
2 states
4 residences
8 jobs
7 cars
countless laughs, fights, great talks, and kisses later...will mark 7 years of marriage for us! The fact that we have been married this long seems pretty unbelievable to me! I feel so blessed to have shared this big adventure thus far with J, and I am very excited for all that is to come. I sure love that man! We took a beach front walk last night (sans children!) to go and get frozen yogurt together - that is a happy anniversary!


  1. Happy anniversary! That's a great pic of you guys-- you're one hot mama! ;-) Hope you guys are having a blast in San Diego.

    (7 cars??)

  2. Happy, Happy, Happy Anniversary to two sweet and wonderful people! Enjoy this special time! Hugs and love to you both! Enjoy that nice vacation you might be on as well! :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Great picture!