Monday, August 17, 2009

San Diego Fun...

I am happy to report that our second and third trips of the summer were much more fun than the first! We spent the first week in August at a house on Mission Beach with my parents and brother. They so kindly planned to have the invasion of the toddlers on their "restful" vacation, and we were so thankful! 

We had a wonderful time on the beach all week building sand castles, playing with Grandpa, Didi, and Uncle RyRy (they loved running him around!), eating ice cream cones, and spending as much time as possible in the ocean (the kids couldn't get enough of jumping waves!). 

T was especially fond of hunting for sand dollars with Didi. In fact he wouldn't let her stop! B loved when grandpa played his "futair" (read: guitar) for them and lounged in the sand with them! 

We spent Wednesday at Legoland - the perfect toddler theme park - where the kids got to ride in trains, planes, helicopters, and fire trucks. We were so sad to leave SD, but we were very excited that soon we will get to see Grandpa, Didi, and Ryry all of the time! 

We left on Saturday morning, came home, packed up our stuff, and were off to Oregon at 5 a.m. Sunday morning for our next adventure. More to come about that in the next posts...  

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