Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Airplane Anarchy

Okay, so this Oregon trip's airplane adventures were mild compared to our midwest and Florida trips for J's work last year. Taking two 2 1/2 year olds on a flight is significantly easier than two 1 1/2 year olds, though not painless (and it costs twice as much!) We had plenty of fights about who got to sit where, but once we bribed calmness with giant Mickey Mouse Lollipops we had a bit of peace. Lots of stickers, juice, and books later, I was thinking we must be getting close. Nope. It had only been 1 of the 2 hours on our flight. 

At this point T was done sitting down. He squirmed about the plane managing to touch his lollipop to nearly every surface (seatbacks, armrests, tray tables, and so on....) and then returning it to is mouth numerous times (it makes me nauseous thinking about it). Until he discovered how fun it was to hang out under the seat, where you would normally place a carry-on piece of luggage. But he was quiet. Then, J convinced him that if he pushed the button on his arm rest, he would make the plane land, which amazingly kept him seated during the remainder of the landing. B kept thanking us for the airplane ride - she had thoroughly enjoyed it. We landed in Portland and by the time we made it to baggage, T had a bit of a diaper blow-out and our week long adventure had begun :)

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  1. hi erin, it's kristi {payne} jansen. saw your blog on heather's.... so glad to see you & justin are doing so well! your kids are ADORABLE :) we are ALMOST certified for adoption {october, we hope!!} and can't wait! hope you two are enjoying parenthood!

    take care :)