Wednesday, December 9, 2009

While You Were Out...

And so we are in the home stretch of J's latest trip to Africa. It was 10 days and 9 nights, but I can happily say that this was probably one of the least painful ones yet! That can completely be credited to my in-laws and my parents who very happily gave me lots of little breaks which literally saved my sanity. They were so amazing, the kids adored their time with them, and I had some time to recharge a bit. We also had some fun evenings and playdates with friends that helped pass the time right along. Anyhow, from our old youth ministry days, J and I still like to do "highs and lows." I thought I would post our list for Daddy with some accompanying pictures.
I'll start with the ugly :)

Missing J and wishing I could call him a million times

Waking up several times a night (once in a bed freshly wet by a toddler)

Trying to sleep while squished between two flailing toddlers

B's "Whine when you say anything" day

T holding a special week of tantrums anytime something was not done in his exact way (ex. the show-down with the lady at Hallmark because he wanted to put a card back, the battle in the parking lot of Ross when HE wanted to unsnap his stroller seatbelt even though he isn't capable of that, the fit when B got out of his door of the van, and the general grumpiness at the Tree Lighting we went to - see angry face in the background below.)

Watching a Christmas movie while snuggling with the kids in their fleece footie pajamas

Reading books by the light of a Christmas Tree

Making Christmas treats with the kids

Zoolights with my parents and brother

Family Christmas party with my in-laws and first gifts for the kids of the season

Grandparents babysitting so I could go to the gym and read an interesting book on Africa

Snuggling in bed with two of the most precious toddlers in the world.

Waking up to T saying "How was your day, mom? -Good T, I'm sleeping. -How was my day, mom? - I don't know T, how was your day? - Umm, cold. -Do you want to snuggle, T? -YES!"

Finding B alone looking at herself make faces in the mirror ("This is my happy face!, This is sad...)

Playdates with friends

Feeding Trout at Bass Pro Shop's Winter Wonderland

When T grabbed me by the face and said, "Mommy, you're a pretty girl."

Sweet Friends having us over for dinner.

Knowing Daddy will be home soon!

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  1. Precious, precious, precious!!! So glad to know you are surviving AND having time for yourself while J is away. His sweet smile is missed here in the office along with the sunshine he brings to my daily life!! Thanks for sharing your adventures!!! Hugs to you! :)