Sunday, March 14, 2010

Faith like a Child

It is so very interesting to see life through the eyes of your kids. I know we have found so much more joy in very ordinary things because of the ways they seem to see them with great wonder. One interesting thing lately has been hearing B's take on faith.
The other day as we were reading the Easter story, I was realizing how much more comfortable she is talking about Jesus than she is talking about God. She talks about how he loves us, and loves kids, and how he came as a baby. She loves to see pictures of him as a baby. Then, I was thinking about how he must seem so much more approachable to her (and to me for that matter). He is more concrete and graspable than the idea of God, and furthermore, he came as a vulnerable little baby. That we can understand. Then, it made me think about how that is probably exactly why God decided to come to us in that way. So we could approach Him. What a beautiful thing she has already subconsciously realized.
Later, during a conversation when we were talking about how sometimes we get mad and it's okay to be mad, she said, "And Jesus still loves us when we are mad!" She said it so matter-of-factly, and I, of course, agreed with her. But, then I realized how much that idea of Jesus loving me unconditionally doesn't always sink in for me.

I never realized the tremendous amount of mommy guilt I would have being a parent. I feel guilty constantly for not doing enough or for doing too much or for not being patient enough. I never live up to my own standards; however, listening to B has made me wonder if maybe I should give myself a bit of a break, because after all there is One who really does accept me and still love me no matter my failures. How blessed I am to live with little ones to teach me such important things!


  1. This is part of why I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Grace Based Parenting. In those "mommy guilt" moments I remember that God is extending His grace to me and that I need to extend it to my kids in the same way :)

  2. This made me kind of teary eyed. Reading this made me feel better about myself as a person. I know how you feel about the feeling guilty part of being a parent. I'm always wondering if I'm raising my children right. If me staying at home is the best for them, or if I should go back to work, to give them a better life...financially, a bigger house, better schools. I guess I can only follow my heart. Great post!

  3. I too am really amazed at how well my kids grasp God. I too always have those questions about what I could/should be doing differently or better. I too am so thankful that we're covered in grace. But I really think that I SHOULD be doing things differently and better. And I am constantly depending on that grace. Therefore, I willingly give all credit to HIM! I pray always that God protects my kids from my and Jac's stupid and fleshly moments and that He takes these kids and teaches their hearts and loves them and shows Himself to them daily and us and teaches us all to love His way. I see Him answer that prayer whenever my kids express such wisdom that could've only come from Him. I think this whole concept is what I am MOST thankful for in my life. It's like a miracle that just keeps happening!

  4. 過去的事早已消失,未來的事更渺不可知,只有現在是真實的..............................