Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reflection and Preparation

It's been two years since we brought that precious boy home.

The funny thing is that we don't really remember life without him. It seems like lately more things have been coming up related to B mentioning being in my tummy and then T asking when he was in my tummy. I cringed the first time he asked, but then was quite relieved that he was so satisfied with the answer that he was in my heart. We aren't quite to the stage of him truly wondering about or understanding yet, and for that I am quite thankful. I am excited to take him to Africa to show show him what an amazing place it is. He is already thoroughly enjoying listening to African music (B has memorized a swahili song in fact - they both love this CD that we checked out from the library) and we have been reading lots of books about Africa which he enjoys, too. In fact, this morning when I was reading one to him, our conversation went like this:
Me: Do you remember Africa, T?
T: Yeah.
Me: Did you like it there?
T: Yeah, but I said, "Mama, where are you?"
Me (melted): And then Daddy, and Grandpa, and Papa came and picked you up and brought you to me?
T: YEAH! (Big hug)
So, we are happily celebrating our second anniversary of having our energetic, strong-willed, and unbelievably loving son home!

In other Africa prep:
- Here is a site relating to one of the projects J will be working on for LIA while we are in Kenya. They will be filming another documentary, since the Ethiopia documentary was so impacting.
- I have been writing with a lady who keeps this blog and this forum about being an expat in Nairobi. She has given me some great tips and might be fun to check out.
- And here is the orphanage the kids and I will be helping at.

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  1. What an exciting chapter for your family! I hope you will have a chance to keep up your blog while you are in Africa, or at least keep writing your stories to share when you get home!
    I also smiled because we just bought the CD on Sunday that you just checked out from the library. (You can borrow it any time.)