Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend in Review...

This weekend we had a couple of firsts. On Friday night, Bethany went to her very first dance! It was with Justin of course and was the Parks and Rec. Father-Daughter sweetheart dance. She was excited about it for weeks (and her daddy was as well :) That day she began asking when it would be time to go about 7 hours ahead and then I finally gave in and let her get ready 2 hours before. She picked her party dress, sandals, leggings, sweater, scarf, necklace, and glitter. She had me french braid her hair (though she did manage to jump on the mini-trampoline before leaving, so I had to do a little repair work with some bobby pins...I was happy to have the excuse though, because my french-braiding skills leave a little to be desired!)
Her daddy arrived home to a VERY excited little girl. He even brought her a bouquet of pink carnations which are currently being proudly displayed in her room. They headed out to the dance, although she was a little teary about leaving mommy. This is a new development, she doesn't like to leave either of all...ever. We're assuming this has to do with the new baby on the way, but we definitely don't understand it when this hadn't been the case for a very long time. (Anyone know what the deal is, with sudden-four-year-old separation anxiety?) Nevertheless, after I got one teary phone call from the dance saying she missed me (here's hoping this is the only teary phone call I get from a dance!), her daddy charmed her and she had an amazing evening with him! She got a corsage, made a candy necklace, had pizza, cupcakes, and danced a lot with her sweet dad! He spoiled her with attention and lots of spins on the dance floor! She definitely had a memorable night, and it was the sweetest thing to see a little girl adore her daddy and a daddy adore his little girl as much as they do!
Meanwhile, Trevor and I also had a little date. We went to Chipotle (a fav for both of us) with our very good friends who were also on a mommy-son date during the dance. Before they arrived I was asking Trevor what his favorite thing in the world to do is. His reply, "Spend time with mommy, and daddy, and Bethany!" It was very sweet - he also seemed to really enjoy yelling in the restaurant and climbing under the table with his friend, Andrew. Our next stop was Peter Piper Pizza (there, I said it, Molly!) which was...interesting. Who knew that it would attract such a ridiculously large crowd on a Friday night? Anyway, after encouraging our boys to play in the free climber we indulged them in a couple of games. Trev's favorite was of course the one where you ride the pretend motorcycle race, since he would like to be a "motorcycle guy and tire guy" when he grows up. In fact, the other day he asked me to sign him up for the preschool where they teach you how to be a motorcycle/tire guy. I unfortunately had to inform him that vocational training usually doesn't start quite this young. :) Anyway, he had a ball on the motorcycle game (once we pried the family in front of us, who was monopolizing the game and trying to apparently buy the entire establishment in tickets, off for the little guys to have a turn.) Nevertheless, we all had a great time!

Then, on Saturday we took the kids to watch their first basketball game. We headed over to a very less than crowded ASU game and we had no idea how much fun we would have! The free pom-poms, the pizza, the popcorn, the cotton candy, and the entertaining mascot were pretty great for the kids.

Bethany imitated and loved watching the cheerleaders, and Trevor decided that he wanted to be #10 on the team once we told him that player would be the position he would have. Everytime the crowd would cheer, he would turn to me and say, "Who made the shoot, mom?!?" He was always pleased when I would say the white team, and then he would beam with pride if it happened to be made by #10. Amazingly enough, they even lasted the entire game, which was great since it came down to the last second before ASU won. It was really fun to take our big kids to do something like this as a family. Trev asked to go back again today. :) Luckily, we had a friend's birthday party to attend today to cap off the weekend with some cake and a bounce house. Good times were had by all!
Note: she's really not hurting him here...they were just being "silly" for the picture. They're really angels ;)

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