Monday, May 23, 2011

Will's Story

It is pretty amazing to be a part of a miracle. Especially, when your miracle involves a very faithful God and an amazing little boy. Ours started Saturday evening. I had been having contractions about 5 minutes apart for several hours. They weren’t too intense to stand and they weren’t getting more intense, so I wasn’t in any rush to get to the hospital, for fear of being sent home with false labor. However, as I laid down to rest for a bit and pray in my journal, I asked God to make sure that I knew exactly when we should go to the hospital to make sure this baby would be safe. Earlier in the week I had a doctor’s appointment where I had told him that I was just still feeling very nervous about the possibility of stillbirth and I had really hoped he would induce me. He had said that he wouldn’t consider it until 39 weeks, because he wasn’t too concerned about the glucose or protein they had been finding in my urine. I had just felt like something strange was going on and since then (at 37 weeks) the baby was full-term and by what we could tell okay at the time – my logic had been “let’s get it out!” But, despite my choking up while talking about it, my request was declined.

So, here we are on Saturday night about 4 hours into contractions every 5-7 minutes, and at around 9:15 p.m. I realize I am not feeling the baby move much. I knew that I should still be feeling at least 4 movements an hour and by 10:15 I knew that was not the case. So, even though my contractions weren’t any closer, I said to Justin that I thought we needed to go on into the hospital. My parents came over to watch the sleeping big kids and we headed out. Upon arriving they checked me in and saw that the baby’s heart rate was steadily at 172, which is far too high and it wasn’t changing at all. They quickly sent me to the back where they checked and saw I was dilated to 4. They started me on IV fluids to try to get its heart rate down, but it didn’t work. Then while lying there, my water broke.

At this point the baby’s heart rate dropped significantly and they admitted me and raced me to another room where they tried to feel the baby’s head and could not. Once the nurse couldn’t feel it, she yelled for back up and in minutes I was rushed into the Operating Room with about 12 staff members. I was panicking at this point, because it was clear that the nurses were VERY concerned for the bay’s health. In a matter of minutes, my doctor was on his way, and the anesthesiologist was giving me a spinal block. At this point you can pretty accurately picture the “touch-and-go ER scene” and know what was happening. I saw the baby’s heart rate on the monitor and knew things were very bad. A baby’s heart rate should be between 110-160 and ours was in the 50’s. I begged God to save our sweet little baby as they were putting the curtain up in front of me. As everything from my head and arms down became numb, they called in another doctor to get it started, doused my stomach with iodine, and were cutting me open. My doctor rushed in without a moment to scrub up and began to attempt to rescue our little one. I was stunned, terrified, and trembling. I asked for Justin but they wouldn’t let him come in.

In two minutes they had the baby out, and I heard him make the slightest of whimpers before they rushed him over to try to get him to breathe. The cord had been around his belly and his neck so he was not breathing. They put him on a CPAP machine immediately to get him to breathe and were working diligently in the corner to save his life. I was a mess, and couldn’t see what was going on. I only knew the awful feeling of not being able to move and feeling the pressure as they reassembled and sewed up my lower abdomen. The anesthesiologist was incredibly kind and rushed over to update me that though his color was not good, he was indeed breathing with help. He then went over and checked to see the baby’s gender. No one had even had time to look, so at that point he went over to find out for me that it was a beautiful little boy. I already loved that sweet baby so much as they quickly tilted him toward my head for me to see his pale little body before they rushed him out the room to the Neonatal Intensive Care unit. Thankfully, Justin was immediately able to go over there with him and the 8 medical professionals surrounding him. At that point, He was also able to give him the name William Clark Narducci, because it was a strong name for a strong little guy who was fighting right through this rough start. Justin watched the professionals as they worked to get his breathing stabilized. He had a lot of fluid in his lungs which they were trying to drain. He was able to come back over and give me a little update on his progress (still not stable but improving.) It was such a relief for me to see Justin, to know our little guy was improving, and to know he was able to go back and forth to check on our precious baby boy.

Justin ended up checking in on him throughout the night, and then he and I finally settled in to bed around 4:30 a.m. The next morning I was in a lot of pain, because C-sections are a whole lot rougher than I expected! However, around 10:30 I was finally able to be wheeled down to see my precious baby boy for the first time. He was more beautiful than I could have imagined. He has a precious round little face, his color had come back, and his full little head of brown hair was darling. I was in love! The NICU doctor came in to explain to us that he was so impressed with how well William was progressing. He was now breathing on his own without the CPAP, though his breathing was sometimes a little fast and still needed to be monitored. He was on IV fluids and IV antibiotics because his blood had shown elevated white blood cells. The doctor didn’t think there would be any long-term damage based on how he seemed now, however, they need to keep him for 5-7 days of monitoring.

So, currently, we have now gotten to go down to the NICU and hold him twice. They just let him have a teaspoon of formula today for the first time which I got to feed him, and he LOVED it and wanted more. He loves sucking on his pacifier and snuggling, and he despises baths and dirty diapers. He is very vocal about the last two - which makes us feel a lot better about the state of his lungs! Today was the first day he and I both got showers and food, in fact, so we are definitely on the up and up. I am in a lot of pain though starting to be able to walk. It is the most motivating when I get to walk down to the NICU to see our little sweetheart, because he certainly makes it all worth it. I love every chance I get to touch him, and it is beyond precious to see his proud daddy snuggling him.

He is a true little miracle, because if any of those things during the delivery had taken slightly longer or if we hadn’t gotten here in time our precious little guy quite possibly might not have made it. We praise God for his incredible faithfulness in protecting him. And we feel very humbled to have three precious miracles. At this point we are praying for him to continue to improve his breathing, to feed well and get off IV, to have his infection clear so he can stop antibiotics, and for him to be able to come home with us sooner than later. It could be the end of this week or the beginning of next week. Bethany and Trevor are so excited to meet him and we cannot wait for them to either! They stopped in yesterday to visit us and were so bummed to not be able to go into the nursery. The great thing is that they are being so spoiled by their grandparents at home that we have been able to focus on getting things stable and starting to heal without any worry. What a wild ride this has been – I get teary just thinking about it and especially how blessed we are. Not the least of which is by our incredible family and friends who have been and continue to pray for us and our amazing little miracle.

His Stats:

6lbs. 9 ozs - 19.5 inches long - May 22, 2011 - 12:25 a.m.


  1. I love you Erin! We are praying for you and that sweet little boy. I can't wait to meet the miracle you worked so hard to bring into this world. :) Lots of love and prayers are being sent your way.

  2. WOW! What a journey you just went through!!! I'm so glad you are both recovering well, and hope you get to be a complete family soon! We are all thinking about you, and praying for you!!!!

  3. Oh Erin! I just want to give you the biggest hug right now! Praise God, that William is ok and I know that he is a strong little boy and so blessed to have you as his Mama...and Justin too :) I love you and cannot wait to see you and little Will!!! I will continue to pray for the both of you!

  4. Erin, I had tears in my eyes as I read your story! God is amazing and you are a great writer. Just have to ask - are you and your doctors open to kangaroo care? It helps stabilize respiration and heart rates as well as many, many other benefits.

    Praying that you and William can leave the hospital together.
    warm hugs from Mozambique! Cathy

  5. Wow! I definitely left the computer with tears in my eyes. I can't even imagine. So glad everything is going well now. :)