Monday, November 16, 2009

Our First Phoenix Fall

This past weekend we visited Pasadena for the first time since our move. J had a bunch of work to do, which left the kids and I with lots of time to get together with friends (the best!) We were quickly reminded of what a blessing it was to live there and connect with so many great people for the last two years. You should have seen the toddlers play with their friends - they were so happy to see them again! It caused us to reflect a lot on what we miss from there, and also to appreciate the things we can now enjoy in Phoenix (family, old friends, the chance to go on a date, help when J travels, and having a backyard!) Though this doesn't make up for missing friends and being on an adventure in CA, it shows us that we did the right thing by moving here, and that feels good. Nevertheless, here are some pics of the things we did to celebrate our first fall here :)

Milking a fake cow at the pumpkin patch...

Our pet pumpkins

Here is the impromptu dance party which took place while I was taking the seeds out of the pumpkin. We had high hopes of playing with the goo, but it turned out my other three family members were too disgusted to touch it. Not pictured are the pumpkin seeds I attempted to roast. They are not pictured because we are trying to forget they were so awful.

Making pumpkin muffins and reading pumpkin stories

Petting the horses at a ranch in Wickenburg

Desert Botanical Gardens Free Day for the butterfly exhibit

B shopping with Mommy for the Thanksgiving Dinner for our church's donation boxes (she loved the mini-cart at Trader Joe's!)

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  1. So many folks are so happy you are here and you are surrounded with love and support. I know you all miss CA but I so adore every minute of having your Sweet J in the office (we would love a visit from you to help brighten our days) and I know the grandfolks are thrilled for the time with you and your babes! CA is just a short drive/flight away - I'll excuse J from the office for many and often visits!!! Hugs to you! :)