Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts...

We are quite excited for Thanksgiving this week. The placecards are made, the cookie supplies have been bought (so we can make them look like cute turkeys with candy corn and frosting - watch for pics :), and best of all there is gas in the car so we can drive over to Nana and Papa's house on Thursday to have a delicious Thanksgiving meal (it would have been described with an adjective other than delicious if I were in charge of making it.) We are looking forward to hanging out with some of the people we love most in the world that day!

As I was laying in bed with T the other night listening to him chat away about playing at the park, exclaiming how great it is that Jesus scares monsters away, listing off the people he loves, and asking me to snuggle him, I was thinking just how thankful I am for him (and for his precious sister, of course!). I am beyond thankful that T was there in his big boy bed with me rather than struggling as street child or longing for a drink of clean water. I literally cannot imagine that sweet boy having to deal with the harsh realities which so many children all over the world have to deal with. It is just not right.

What is right is that people are doing things about this. You can check out LIA's trailer for their new documentary about street children that premiered at the fall banquets. If you purchase it all proceeds go to helping empower the children, youth, and caregivers of the Merkato community in Ethiopia. Also, our adoption agency is partnering with LIA to dig a well which will provide clean water for an entire community in Ethiopia. If you are interested in donating you can find more info here. So many of the diseases that plague the country are related simply to not having access to clean water. Can you imagine? What better way to say thank you for our blessings than by blessing someone else. Happy Thanksgiving!

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