Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Big Week for B

Two firsts occurred this week. Throughout the post you will see pics of B's first hair cut, which she sat through somberly, but now remembers fondly. :) They gave her some layers and her curls are even bouncier. Super cute!
But more significantly, last Thursday, B decided that she was going to start dancing around when she needed to go to the bathroom making it significantly more obvious than it had been. So, I ran her in to the bathroom a few times and she seemed to be getting the hang of number 1. The natural progression was to princess undies, and I am happy to say that she has only trickled a couple of times and had 1 #1 accident since then. So many people had told me, "Just wait...they'll do it themselves when they are ready..." And I skeptically listened and took their advice just because it meant I could put it off longer. But, I think they were right on some level.
She definitely initiated the process, however, it hasn't been effortless for me. I still have to spend lots of time sitting in the bathroom and insisting that she try to go every 3-4 hours (she really holds it at least that long! It's crazy!) She isn't about to stop playing to potty, but she also isn't wanting to go in her undies, so overall a big win! She hasn't had an accident at night either. I literally feel like I had no idea how this all happened, but I am happy.
I am wondering if this is like a lot of other things in life will be. Not pushing her to do things and just kind of maybe making a suggestion here or there and doing a lot of waiting, but then being supportive and celebrating once she makes a choice. All that to say, we are still definitely working on being successful with #2. And, we have another little person who for the first few days would copy his sister and sit on the potty until he went and got M & M's, or he would force out a little bit for his treat, but he seems to have lost interest. But I am just happy that we are a lot closer to potty trained than we were 5 days ago. Maybe the end of diapers is in sight!


  1. Yeah! Conner FINALLY decided he was ready about two weeks ago and has been dry ever since. It was a long haul with him though! Happy times now!

  2. Out of diapers? Doesn't that mean it's time for another?