Friday, January 15, 2010

Retiring the Boots

This post is to commemorate the retirement of T's Mickey Mouse boots. After a complete year of faithful service and intense duties, including being worn all night (quite often), being worn through all seasons and in extreme temperatures (from 22 - 115 degrees), and being used to spread red paint throughout our house, they will be finding their final resting place. They are literally falling apart at the seams (who knew rubber could do that?) and they have a stench like none other. They have been a favorite shoe and have served T well through his year of being two. They are being succeeded by a new pair of fire man boots. We will miss you old reds....
Now a tribute in pictures...



Climbing trees together

At the Aquarium

Just being themselves (while skateboarding on a plate :)

At Bass Pro shop...

Their last Christmas together

*** A special thank you goes out to the Newlove family for giving the treasured Mickey boots to us last year. You know us well!


  1. I love that you have so many pictures of him in those boots! What a great post :)

  2. so sad they are being retired but at least they had a good, long run!!! way to literally wear them till they fell off trevor!