Monday, January 25, 2010

With or Without you...

It is really hard for me to believe that B is turning 3 in just a week. However, when she starts one of her conversations with me it feels more like she is turning 13 (which is especially scary to J!) She is so very precious to us.

What has been even harder to believe, is that lately we have been leaving our kids more often...and they don't seem to mind! Both sets of grandparents have been amazing with watching them so we could go on dates (we have definitely been trying to make up for lost time!), and I think this has made all the difference for us. In Pasadena, there was an all-out hysterical melt-down if mommy and daddy even attempted to drop them off at kids' church. Now they head right into Sunday School, B's dance class, the childcare for MOPS, and now EVEN the gym childcare, with only an occasional slight whimper. If you had told me six months ago that this would be the case, I never would have believed you. I think it is because we left them with adoring grandparents first and eased them into the idea that mommy and daddy do sometimes do things without them.

It just makes me realize how big they are getting and how much easier life is becoming in certain ways. It seems more emotionally draining these days, but far less physically draining. I can do things like the dishes or take a shower while they are awake. Sounds silly, but those things are a pretty big deal.

Although, I must admit that watching them head off with not so much as a sad glance as I walk out the door does make me have a twinge of sadness myself. My babies are growing up and definitely don't "need" me as much as they used to. After all, that little girl was pretty much constantly in my arms for the first 12-18 months of her life. But, luckily, that twinge of sadness passes as I am able to have a little time to re-energize. And, who knew exercise could be so relaxing!?!

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