Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our Sweet Little Gifts

We had a lovely Christmas with the family. Lots of delicious food, sweet memories with family, and plenty of grins by the kids. The day after Christmas we went up North to play in the snow at Nana and Papa's cabin and had such a great time sledding (though we didn't last too long in the cold!) It's funny how all of the excitement of the holidays creates great memories, but they still are not overshadowed by the everyday sweet moments with our kids.
A couple of such moments took place about a day after we had arrived home, when B's cough had turned into what appeared to be a pretty raging ear infection. She was crying until 3 in the morning telling us how badly it hurt. As I snuggled her on the couch in the middle of the night, and J and I tried to discuss what we should do, she figured out we were contemplating a doctor visit. She was extremely opposed to this idea and started telling us anything she could figure out would be a reason not to take her, "It feels better! I like it when it really hurts!" She also proceeded to yell these things as we took her in to the pediatrician the next morning. She was much calmer when she left with a prescription and no shot. We went by the pharmacy after the appointment, but found that their window was closed and we would have to come back by later. T did not like this plan and said, "We need B's medicine!" When we told him it wasn't ready and we would get it later, he said, "BUT, B's hurting!" How cute it is to see him look out for his sister! These sweet kids are truly the best gifts we could have imagined this holiday season.

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