Sunday, June 7, 2009

The aftermath & The Early Father's Day

      We thought the kids had handled J's latest Africa trip pretty well (maybe better than their mommy?) However, in this last week we have been seeing some aftermath. We had wondered what was up with them until we realized the strange behavior was probably from a bit of insecurity because this time they realized that daddy had been gone for a while. 
     They have been super clingy to me during the day, really clingy to J at bedtime, and kind of obstinate in between (trying to control things that perhaps feel out of their control?) It helps now that we realize why the weird behavior, but we haven't figured out anything to help other than waiting it out. Thankfully, he doesn't have any big trips for a couple of months, but in the meantime this has taken a bit of a toll on us (we have been a little edgy all around). It is really sad for me to think that our kids are feeling nervous and insecure. So we are trying to be patient and smother them with love.

      We decided to celebrate Father's Day a couple of weeks early because on the actual weekend, my in-laws will be taking us to a beach house (yay!) We could have done it next weekend, but frankly I am horrible at waiting for things. So, we gave J a schedule (if you know him, you know giving him an agenda is much more relaxing than giving him free time). He got to sleep in, open a new pair of shorts and an ice cream maker, cash to go hit golf balls and get a Starbuck's with, Chipotle for lunch, time to go to the gym, and homemade ice cream in the evening. A pretty good day for an overworked, but "type A" dad. Oh and he also got a note from me (which I had thankfully written ahead of time, because as I mentioned tensions were a bit high this weekend, and it may not have been quite as sweet if I had waited to write it until then even though I still meant every word!) :) 
       Here is a bit of our note (to honor J) and a pic of daddy and his kids! We love you more than words could express, J/daddy!

             We absolutely love and adore you so much. I had great intentions of getting you a sweet card, but in my looking for one, Trevor started pouring his juice box on the card rack, so we had to abandon our mission. Instead I am just writing this for you.  Words cannot express how thankful I am for you. I knew long ago that not only had I found my true love forever, the man who was perfect for me, but that also I had found someone who would be a wonderful, loving father for our children.  Over the last 7 years of marriage and 2 years of parenthood you have already shown me that you are even more amazing than I imagined! Thank you for being an incredible father and provider for our family. You take such good care of us, and we adore you. I am so thankful to be on this adventure with you and am excited for all that is to come!


  1. Erin, J couldn't have a better wife! Your letter to him was touching and sweet. You are a wondeful couple and a good example to your children.

  2. I couldn't agree more with Bella Loves Julia!