Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Concrete Jungle

So I have been excited to get back into a house over these last few days. But, this morning I was reminded of how our kids have adapted to our apartment and a-bit-more-urban life over these last two years. B is an early riser, and subsequently so is her mom. This morning she and I were up shortly after 5 am playing with her new stuffed puppy. We got out some ribbon and made a leash for it, by which she adorably pulled it around our condo.  

As she was leading (read: dragging) her dog around, walking past her and her brother's tricycles which were being stored inside in the hall, and then showing her puppy her "garden" (8 flower stickers she applied to our cabinet), I was giggling. I was giggling because it was so cute seeing her imagination at work in these creative ways of doing things "typical" suburb kids do for real all of the time. And, then I was thinking how fun it will be to have a real garden, be able to leave our bikes in our backyard, and maybe one day have a real puppy. Those things will be fun. But, in the meantime, we sure wouldn't have traded these experiences for anything. We certainly won't be spending nearly as much time at great public parks or the beach or be able to walk a block and be at our favorite library and the grocery store and the post office once we move, but we also won't have to have flowers with adhesive on them. :)

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  1. Hi guys! Thought I'd pop in and say hello! Came across your blog, and what a special family you have! :) I'm very happy for you, and glad to hear you will be coming back to the "home turf" soon. :)